Friday, October 2, 2015

Dear Autumn - Day 1

Dear Autumn,

Today, the first of October, came with two sudden realizations.

1. I kissed a boy and didn't like it, then did it again because he asked me to. I did because I thought I had to, but I realized I didn't really have to.

2. I have fallen hard for a girl with pretty eyes and curly hair. We're friends. What do I do? She likes girls too, but just because she likes them doesn't mean she'll like me.

Kissing that boy is nothing like I imagine kissing her. Kissing him felt like nothing. Like bad breath and stiff lips and unrequited love. Kissing him tasted like regret.

Kissing her would be like soft lips and the taste of lemons and completely requited love. Kissing her would taste like happiness.

Love Always,

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